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Welcome to Loos Construction Inc, a family-owned and operated construction and remodeling company located in Nebraska. Since our founding in 1996, we have built up a reputation as industry leaders for excellent workmanship, efficient methods, competitive pricing and unrivaled customer service. Our services are in high demand in many markets, and we have the experience to tackle almost any project with confidence. See what a difference the personal touch of dedicated professionals can make in transforming your home into your dream home!

We are Lincoln’s trusted professionals

We hold an A+ rating with the Lincoln Better Business Bureau for a good reason. Loos Construction Inc guarantees fair estimates, efficient and effective work, and transparency in all business we do with our clients. We constantly seek to raise our standards even higher than what is expected so that we can ensure the safety of our workers, and the total satisfaction of our clients. Our workmen are highly qualified, and bring 75+ years of experience and know-how to every job we do. At Loos Construction Inc, we know we are only as good as the last job we’ve done, and always endeavor to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.
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Ready to tackle any job

Thanks to our 20 years in business operating throughout Lincoln, Omaha, and Raymond, we have had the opportunity to work on every type of renovation and construction project imaginable. We’ve worked closely with both residential and commercial clients on homes and business upgrades alike. You won’t find a more even hand, or more seasoned professionals than with Loos Construction Inc.

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We make it easy to communicate your needs, since we place a premium on customer service. Maybe you know that something needs to be done about your home, but you’re not sure of all the details on how to accomplish that goal. Our experienced experts will talk you through all of your options, educating you on the most cost-efficient methods of achieving your vision. Once you are fully confident in your decisions, only then will we begin work.
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